Effective communication among Somerset County, the Consultant Team and all stakeholders is an essential component for the success of the Route 22 Sustainable Corridor Long Term Improvement Study.

Community members discuss issues and ideas as part during public meeting
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The Project Team will be implementing a robust community outreach process to identify and select an initially preferred alternative and:

  • Generate public awareness of the Route 22 Sustainable Corridor Long Term Improvements Project;
  • Solicit public input to inform solutions; and
  • Build consensus for future improvements.

In addition to this website, opportunities to disseminate information and collect input include:

  • meetings with local officials and focus groups;
  • Route 22 Corridor Survey (now completed) posted on www.ridewise.org;
  • project newsletters;
  • e-mail notifications; and
  • Public meetings held at key milestones in the process.