This study is an outgrowth of extensive work performed by Somerset County, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, and its consultants in developing the Route 22 Sustainable Corridor Plan. This plan provided a framework to transform the Route 22 Corridor in the Somerset County Regional Center from a high-speed, high-crash corridor, which only accommodates vehicular traffic, into a corridor that can accommodate pedestrian and bicycle travel, as well as local and regional vehicular traffic while at the same time improving safety. The framework also provided for a series of pedestrian enhancements and the implementation of transit improvements, including potentially new transit services and other complementary mobility improvement strategies.

This study will build on these past efforts and will identify long-term improvements necessary to address the future needs of the corridor and surrounding communities.

The first phase of this project will be the data collection phase, followed by the alternatives development and analysis phase (Concept Development), which involves the development and the evaluation of feasible alternatives. The evaluation of the alternatives will include, but not be limited to, the following issues:

  • Improve traffic safety and flow;
  • Assess right-of-way impacts;
  • Improve design of the roadway to current standards and aesthetics;
  • Assess existing/proposed development impacts;
  • Consider environmental issues;
  • Evaluate access to existing properties/businesses;
  • Evaluate construction impacts; and
  • Evaluate existing physical constraints (i.e., structures, utilities, etc.).

The goal of the Concept Development phase of this project is to identify and select an Initially Preferred Alternative (IPA) that will meet the project needs and objectives for future improvements along the US 22 Corridor. The IPA will be a collection of recommended improvements which can then be ultimately implemented along the corridor.